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My Promise: 

"to do my absolute best to understand your priorities and help you achieve your aims"
                      Dave Simon

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Sometimes we get too close to the woods to see the trees!

  • It can be difficult to imagine much better results
  • It can be difficult to know how to revitalise your processes
  • It can be difficult to know where to regain control

This is where modern decision-making psychology combined with the reliable traditions of direct marketing and interactive advertising helps you in this new and still-evolving digital medium.


Andrew Davies, Director at Kneeshaws Chartered Accountants says:
"Dave has been a great help to our new accountancy business. He has given us lots of useful tips and explained how they would help. He has helped write our new website and documents for use with new clients and advertising. He has encouraged us at each stage to meet our ambitious targets and prompted us to strive further.
I would heartily recommend him to anyone who is thinking of using his services."



  • Your website actively helping Google to help more, better potential clients find you
  • Your messages persuading more of them to contact you and ask for an appointment
  • Your subsequent Pathway steps more confidence-building to help them instruct you

Attract new clients more easily. Encourage the most suitable clients to approach you. 
Save time in discussions. Retain existing clients. Encourage previous clients to return. 


In the legal profession - probably the most traditional profession - goalposts are moving. 
Regulatory, technological, political, competitive changes all pushing about forcefully.

"The evolution of the legal marketplace [ ] is beginning to OUTPACE those firms making only conservative changes and REWARDING those moving with the times." 
(LexisNexis Bellwether Report 2018: The Culture Clash) (my emphasis)

In other professions, you will feel similar pressures.


Your Invitation

Let me urge you to act on this before you leave the room.*

Just The Essentials Project
The Full Website Project
The Complete Pathway Project

*This an example of a nudge. 
Psychology research says that doorways have a symbolic effect on human thought and action. 
We tend to discard ideas we're undecided about as we walk through a gap, and we look for new ideas in the next room. 

You have read this far because you've found it has struck a chord: a relevant opportunity for your firm.
So even if you feel tentative, act now in some way (even if you just make a To-Do note for later) to retain your impressions and considerations so far. And then you'll get the best value from this information.

For a more general discussion of your business priorities and the advantages of marketing optimised for human choice as well as search engine algorithms, 
please let me invite you to call me (Dave Simon) on 01983 614795 or email me on [email protected].

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