The thorough and systematic programme

It is said that every small business website should have most of 14 types of pages, depending on their industry sector.

Your Objectives:

You want your website to be as productive as possible, attracting new clients and preparing them as much as possible to instruct you.

Re-tune your full website messaging
With this project you will be found more easily and contacted more often for appointments by the best clients you want.

Your website will provide information that helps these potential clients 'tune in' to you and also saves you time in discussions, and promotes your reputation through its search engine ranking and its contents to improve your recruitment and standing.

The Method:

This project starts with the five critical ones listed in Essentials (HomePage, Contact Page, About Page, FAQPage & Error Page) and then goes on to include:

Services Page – where you provide details of what you can do for them and explain why it is worthwhile for them, to encourage them to contact you and progress towards an agreement.

Products Page – if you offer products (eg financial products), you will have pages showing categories of items, a product per page or even a product surrounded by related items (like Amazon).

Blog Pages – where you can tell up-to-date stories that help potential clients understand, relate to, and like your business, your people, your services and/or your products.

News Pages – where you provide more newsy reports which might be relevant to newspapers, news programmes on TV or radio, trade magazine writers or even potential staff recruits.

Testimonials Pages – a group of feedback stories from real people about their experience with your firm. Highly relevant to invisible products like professional services, they can give great credibility.

Case Examples Pages – a collection of stories written by you about clients who have benefited from your services (with their permission), this is your chance to build rapport - "that's like us!".

Privacy Policy Page – often used for 'small print' since GDPR, especially where clients are private individuals. These can be off-putting or a very useful way to show your quality of personal care.

Terms & Conditions Page – often used for 'small print', this needs to be handled carefully to avoid putting off hesitant enquiries and yet maximise the benefits of addressing payment issues early on.

Delivery Page – where you explain costs, speed and perhaps various protections etc.

The Benefits:

  1. improve the impression visitors get, make them more likely to contact you and more likely to return to your website again later if they check other websites

  2. increase the number – and if you want, the quality – of instructions you end up with by speaking more directly to potential clients and giving them what they want

  3. reduce your cost of client acquisition, reduce the time taken to reach agreement and therefore make your marketing more cost-effective

  4. speed up various early processes in clarifying, contracting and on-boarding new clients, saving both clients and yourselves time, and making the process more agile and timely.

  5. reduce complications, confusions and complaints by preparing people for, and confirming verbal discussions, thereby boosting and protecting the firm's reputation

If you feel this does provides less than you would wish for, please check The Complete Pathway Project.

The Project:

An Opportunities Report can usually be sent to you within 4 working days.

A Recommendations Report can usually be sent to you within 7 working days unless extensive blog or archive pages take additional time.

The Re-tuning Project can work fast or slow:

High-Velocity for Minimum Disruption:
within 10 working days (subject to Partners agreement and technical team availability)

Extra-Quiet Step-at-a-Time
to proceed cautiously and minimise adverse public commotion

Total Project Duration under perfect conditions: 21 working days, or your slower preference.

The Fee:

FIXED PRICE: £750 to £1500 dependent on blog or archive pages.
Payable in stages finishing within 10 working days of Invoice. (At the time of writing, no VAT applicable.)
Travel, meetings and other expenses eg expert coding, new images or specialist research etc added as necessary.
Five guarantees demonstrate my commitment to your results (opens in a new window).

If you feel this is a larger commitment than you want at the moment, please check this smaller and faster project: Just The Essentials.

Re-tune your website to immediately improve client-attracting results