The best results opportunity

This project covers all verbal and written client-engaging messages to build the best system. 

Your Objectives:

You want more new clients more suited to your resources and requirements, and more returning clients, suiting your firm well.

Re-vitalise your complete client-attracting pathway
Be found more easily, contacted and instructed more often by the best clients you can attract, be paid more smoothly, save time and lessen stress, and gain more repeat business cheaply while boosting your reputation and feeling more pride in your professional service.

The aim of this development project is to make each step of your Client-Attracting Pathway provide maximum support for the next one. So the most powerful approach is to review and revise the whole pathway of 12 steps in one project.

The Method:

This means working to tune-up every step in the Full Website Programme (which automatically includes the Essentials Programme), plus the next eleven steps that follow it.

It will cover initial client-attraction, the initial meeting to convince suitable people to instruct, how liaison is handled during the work and how existing and previous clients are encouraged to return with profit-building repeat business.

The 12 steps of the complete pathway are:

Website/leaflet/advert Performance - including the Essentials and Full Website Programmes

First Response – to confirm relevance, build trust and encourage discussions

Early Explanations – to confirm the match between what clients want and what you provide

Service Offerings – to make it easy for people to know which services to ask about

Explaining Prices – to ensure clients understand the great value-for-money you provide

Offer to Meet – to build a trusting relationship, discuss details and encourage agreement

Suitable Ambience – to reflect your value message to Ideal Clients to reassure them

Deciding Assistance – to answer clients' questions if they want reassurances before agreeing

Engagement Process – to systematise your 'contracting' process to increase its success rate

Welcoming Process – to improve client satisfaction, cooperation and later retention

Easy Payment Options – to ensure there are no problems at this end of the relationship

Client Satisfaction – to prevent social media rants, and to gain return/renewal and referrals

You can find more detail about the Pathway and these Stages in the in-depth article here.

The Benefits:

  1. improve the impression visitors get, make it more likely they will contact you and make it more likely they will return to your website again later

  2. increase the number – and if you want, the quality – of instructions you end up with by speaking more directly to potential clients and giving them what they want

  3. reduce your cost of client acquisition, reduce the time taken to reach agreement and make your marketing more cost-effective

  4. speed up various early processes in clarifying, contracting and on-boarding new clients, saving both clients and yourselves time, and making the process more agile and timely.

  5. reduce complications, confusions and complaints by preparing people for, and confirming verbal discussions, thereby boosting and protecting the firm's reputation

  6. increase the control you have over the quantity and quality of potential clients in the early stages, cooperative clients during the work and returning clients with new problems and/or opportunities

  7. boost the profits accruing from streamlined admin processes, cheaper-to-find repeat business and a client-friendly reputation – which could then fund new developments

This is the largest package; however, please ask here for an individually-designed project

The Project:

An Opportunities Report can usually be sent to you within 5 working days after receipt of leaflets, forms and photos about the stages beyond the website.

A Recommendations Report can usually be sent to you within 15 working days of commencement.

The Revitalising Project can work fast or slow:

High-Velocity for Minimum Disruption:
within 10 working days (subject to Partners agreement and technical team availability)

Extra-Quiet Step-at-a-Time:
to proceed cautiously and minimise adverse public commotion

Total Project Duration under perfect conditions: 30 working days or your slower preference.

The Fee:

FIXED PRICE: £2000 to £2750 dependent on blog or archive pages.
Payable in stages finishing within 10 working days of Invoice. (At the time of writing, no VAT applicable.)
Travel, meetings and other expenses eg expert coding, new images, specialist research, printing etc added as necessary subject to arrangement.
Five guarantees demonstrate my commitment to your results (opens in a new window).

If you feel this is all too much, please check the smaller commitment: The Full Website Project.

Remove All stumbling blocks disheartening Potential & returning clients