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Hello! You've got to the Services Provided page - I'm really pleased!

1. Choice of project range

2. Why choose MORE!consulting

3. The Project Process

"I want to start small and fast"

"It's important to be thorough"

"Let's get the maximum benefit"

Why choose MORE!consulting

  1. Confidential, discreet service

  2. Small changes keep your basic design

  3. Improvements build on your foundations

  4. Works within your priorities

  5. Helps you achieve your aims

  6. Improve your client-friendliness

  7. Smooth changes for staff and/or clients

  8. Fast service: no waiting for months

  9. Individual focus: 2 clients at a time max

  10. Communications psychology expertise

  11. A real person with relevant experience

  12. Sensitivity to professional issues

  13. All recommendations are explained

  14. I promise “to do my absolute best”

  15. Stage payments puts you in control

Five Guarantees

1. Professional Guarantee
I am independent and impartial, discreet and confidential.

2. Unique-to-You Guarantee
Your plan is tailor-made for you because it is built on your priorities.

3. Direct Debit Guarantee
This protects you against payments made in error or fraudulently.

4. Easy Stop Guarantee
You can stop at any time and pay only for the work completed.

5. Money-Back Guarantee
I am determined to get the best results for you:
So if you truly get nothing out of this service I will give your money back. (This has never been claimed!)

These are lifetime goodwill guarantees.

They start on your first enquiry and continue after all work together has ceased.


The Project Process

1. Keep your old website live
It is a mistake to delete it or replace it with 'Coming Soon' – Google will notice, decide you're providing nothing interesting and effectively hide your existence.

2. Familiarisation with your priorities
Discussions about your hopes for different results – more enquiries, more instructions, better quality of clients, better retention of existing clients, more returning clients...

3. Opportunities Report
Assessment of your current publicity, in comparison to your nearby competitors on Google (since they are rivals for the searcher's click at that moment).

4. Form a Project Plan
List aims and stages. Identify timing and funding issues, clarify decision-making in the firm and block out diaries for writing, phone liaison and meetings.

5. Preparation
Liaison with your website manager to discuss how improvements will be made and any technical issues affecting website draft version, completion and beyond.

6. Recommendations Report
Changes to your website and other marketing materials (leaflets, adverts, information packs, email designs, etc.) are listed out as clearly as possible. All recommendations are explained for your authorisation.

7. Preparation
Then we gather materials for new messages, especially images (as they tend to take longest to complete). Arrange new graphic designs. Scan and import paper or photo materials for accessibility.
Also, we search for necessary data, collate and present. Engage creativity and opportunism to find unexpected gems that describe and illustrate valuable aspects of the firm's operations and results.

8. Paper draft of revisions
Write out best draft of new versions and proof-read. Discuss with decision-makers and carefully negotiate amendments (this is where the gap between professional self-image and client wants/needs usually exists).

9. Produce website draft
Working with your website manager, new versions of existing pages, and additional pages, hidden from Google and the public, for you to check and authorise.

10. Complete Project
Insert new pages into website and go live. Double check functionality. Review of areas recently discovered but not developed. Monitor performance.


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