For a high-speed and low-cost project

This project addresses the 5 webpages most important to visitors when they are window-shopping for services like yours.

Your Objectives:

You want to increase the number of enquiries coming through your website, or after visiting it.

Re-word the essential five pages of your website
This project will help you be found more easily and contacted more often.

This will increase your website's cost effectiveness, and allow your firm to grow.
It can also refine the type of clients it invites to enquire to better match your resources.

The Method:

As a first step, it makes sense to focus on the five high-priority pages and optimise them for Human Choice so that you get the most enquiries from the best potential clients.

Along the way, you can encourage them to feel warmly towards your firm and find preparatory information to help save time in early discussions. And you can reduce the likelihood of no-shows, hesitant delays and complaints that might adversely affect your reputation.

These 5 essential pages are:

HomePage – often (but not always) the source of first impressions about your firm. Your aim is to be as welcoming as possible to your Ideal Clients to keep them on your website, exploring it.

Contact Page – often (but not always) where people email you or get your phone number. Your most important page, it really needs to present your invitation to help your Ideal Clients get over any nerves.

FAQ Page – a very useful way to explain things in detail, usually about the firm rather than the services and/or products. This page is becoming your most important entry point and is a priority to develop.

About Page – where you can give more information about the firm and its people. It's your opportunity to make friends and start a longer term bond.

Error Page – where you help people with occasional technical problems. Few explanations are needed, but at this critical moment you can easily be more friendly and helpful than most default versions.

The Benefits:

  1. improve the impression visitors get, make it more likely they will contact you and make it more likely they will return to your website again later if they don't act immediately.

  2. increase the number – and if you want, the quality* – of instructions you end up with by speaking more directly to potential clients and giving them what they want.

  3. reduce your cost of client acquisition, reduce the time taken to reach agreement and make your marketing more cost-effective.

* We tie the objectives of a development project to your specific individual business priorities, which can range around many issues to save money, optimise pricing and cashflow, and gain more instructions.

If you feel you need more results than this, please check The Full Website Project.

The Project:

An Opportunities Report can usually be sent to you within 2 working days.

A Recommendations Report can usually be sent to you within 5 working days.

The Rewording Project can work fast or slow:

High-Velocity for Minimum Disruption:
within 6 working days (subject to Partners agreement and technical team availability)

Extra-Quiet Step-at-a-Time
to proceed cautiously and minimise adverse public commotion

Total Project Duration under perfect conditions: 13 working days, or your slower preference.

The Fee:

FIXED PRICE: £500 payable in stages finishing within 10 working days of Invoice.
(At the time of writing, no VAT applicable.)
Travel, meetings and other expenses eg expert coding, new images or specialist research etc added as necessary.
Five guarantees demonstrate my commitment to your results (opens in a new window).

Reword your website towards ideal productivity - quickly at lowest cost