Help – Marketing my firm is driving me mad!


Frustration. Procrastination. Overtaken...

Frequent reactions to marketing when it feels so different to your skill-set.

“I haven't got time...”   “I don't know where to start...”   “It's probably a waste of money...”

Maybe you’ve been to seminars, sat in on webinars, opened a book or two.
You probably know some of the theories on what must be done. But still you're not sure how to do it.

Where do you start? How do you judge?

"It's all just too much of a pain! Marketing my firm is just not what I want to do!”

You’ll probably prefer to focus on what you do best.

“Market the business, yes; but without distracting me from the job I trained to do.”

All this is often why clients get in touch.

Their biggest challenge is how to boost their business - 
                                  without losing time in a major effort on a new learning curve.

They want practical answers to attract potential clients who are likely to instruct.
       And quiet ways to retain loyal clients.
       And easy ways to improve all-round productivity.

They just want help marketing their firm:
       Creating strategy, designing projects, writing websites/leaflets/adverts and standard letters, etc.
       With all recommendations explained.
       Working within existing priorities.

They choose from three different projects:

Just the Essentials | The Full Website | The Complete Pathway

Or they start exploring with a free Website Checkup on 20 vital health statistics to guide planning.

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