What Makes You Interested In Revitalising Your Marketing Systems?

Quick Assess-Yourself-Checklist (5 minutes)

We are considering reviewing our marketing systems.
At this stage, we should bear in mind the whole process – that is from advertising to administration, from website to welcome-back, from digital to spoken word.

We can consider the whole Client-Attracting Pathway from first-enquiry-to-loyal-client: it may produce better results to revise everything coherently than to try to fix parts on an as-needed basis.

As a start, perhaps we can explore what makes us interested in change:

It's getting old nowadays, and perhaps out-of-date

Technological progress leaves us behind, popular styles change, new skills are learnt.
Is it time to review our marketing just on principle?

We want more clients than we get these days

Competition is fiercer, industry innovations disrupt routines, we are growing...
Do we want a more productive client-attracting system?

We are changing the type of services we offer...

And therefore it follows that we need to attract different clients for the new services.
Is it time to move our marketing focus to a new way of working?

We want a different ratio of new to returning clients

Historically, we have been better at attracting one or other of these, with impact on our cashflow, workload management and reputation. Is it time for change?

We inherited a system we find difficult to work with

Although it was good at first, other parts of our operations have moved forwards.
Do we now waste too much time/money catching up and adjusting things?

Some bits work OK but others seem a bit wonky

We seem to have some areas that too often go wrong, and some unhelpful gaps and overlaps.
Is the time for a new design to improve and integrate the whole?
(The DIY Survey: Client-Attracting Pathway Productivity might help here)

Or something else?

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