Our Practical Priorities For Marketing

Quick Assess-Yourself-Checklist (Five Minutes)

We are confident of our basic professional training, and we continue our professional development.

But our marketing relies on different skills and we need to review our plans from time to time. Not only is it tempting to leave marketing as last priority, but the Internet is moving away from us as competition heats up and technical progress leaves our website behind.

We need to keep up to ensure the health of our business.
But before we change any of our marketing materials, can we double-check our outcome priorities?

What do we want to achieve?
The questions below do not try to explain HOW we might tackle these priorities, but could help us understand our potential ToDo list.

So, do we want to:

  1. Prompt Many More Enquiries (Cheaply)
    Without enquiries, we get no new clients. There are too many rival firms who will scoop them up if we do not compete actively in the market-place.

  2. Persuade More New Clients To Instruct
    How many potential clients say they'll “think about it” and then disappear?
    Do we need to be more systematic in helping them decide to Instruct?

  3. Encourage Clients To Take Higher Value Options
    Are there times when the client wants more than our usual level of service? Could we offer more value-to-clients that they might prefer?

  4. Keep More Existing Clients Loyal
    Retaining our existing clients helps us hugely – saving time, money and effort.
    Is there more we could do to remind them that we can help before they need us?

  5. Win Back More Lost Clients
    It's inevitable that some clients will go to our competitors. But do we try to win the back? Perhaps there is more we could do to point out our advantages?

  6. Improve Fee-Payment Speeds
    Our cashflow depends on regular timely fee payments. Should we try to find more ways to to encourage our clients without appearing too commercial?

  7. Reduce Confusions And Complaints
    Research says clients who complain can be very damaging to a reputation. Can we do more to reduce confusions and complaints? And can we respond better, and faster, to clients' concerns?

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