'Normal Marketing' Won't Work For Professionals

Quick Assess-Yourself-Checklist: (5 Minutes)

The very nature of professional work makes marketing it much more difficult.

Each of the five fundamental stages used for centuries by commercial enterprises is difficult to adapt to professional firms. Hopefully, the descriptions in “Why Normal Website Marketing Won't Work For Professionalswill help you understand the issues.

This comparison survey gives you a chance to reflect on the gap between how clients want to judge whether to enquire with you and perhaps meet you, and how you actually put yourself forward. Make some notes as you discover first-impressions-insights on the gaps in reality for later thought.

“Getting Attention doesn't come naturally to us"

Potential clients want to easily find the choices available to them. They want to know who you are, what you can do for them and as much background info' as possible to answer further questions.

Professionals are generally conservative by nature. Yet encouraging the right people to ask for appropriate services in a timely and profitable fashion is essential. Do you feel you gain this sort of attention successfully?

“We can't Show Advantages the way others do”

Potential clients want to understand what's different about how you work. But if you and your rivals have the same professional title, what can they find to compare?

Clients cannot know in detail what you do and often the outcome cannot be guaranteed in advance. Are you happy with the real advantages you present publicly?

“Providing Proof of our promise to help is also difficult”

People who purchase physical products expect proof of claims about the product and about its differences to competing products. Weights & measures law and advertising standards are familiar to them.

Qualified professionals have knowledge and skills that their clients don't. The qualification award proves that. Do you unearth and display other measures, comparisons and promises clearly?

“We can't easily Convince People they will Gain”

Potential clients often feel nervous about the risks in any situation needing a professional. But naturally they want as much reassurance as possible...

After your general promise and proofs, do you reassure the potential client that he or she can personally benefit too, even though each case is different?

“Asking for Action is difficult for us too”

Many first-time would-be clients have very mixed feelings about taking the decisive step of arranging a meeting. So they want to feel really welcomed and supported.

Where you ask potential customers to take action – to get in touch to arrange an appointment to meet – do you explicitly show your invitation and welcome?

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