How Adventurous Will You Be With Your Marketing?

Quick Assess-Yourself-Checklist (5 minutes)

Changing marketing messages could be a risk.

It's the balance of the current known performance versus the chance of better results.
Business has always meant harnessing risk.

“It is more profitable and advantageous for the trader to export his products to a distant land and take a dangerous route. In this way the distance and the risk incurred will give a rare quality and thereby increase its value.
This is why the wealthiest and most prosperous merchants are those who dare to go.”
Ibn Kaldun, 14th Century Arabian historian

Risk-taking is a serious responsibility

It is not simple or easy to break the mould and stand out in a crowded market-place.
True, there are some way-out rarely-used techniques that “go for the jugular” like Richard Branson and the startling 'contrarian' adverts. But these are hardly appropriate for a professional style.

Within suitable ethics and decorum, quieter methods allow you to be as persuasive as possible without risking irreversible problems.

Being adventurous

"Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences." (Oxford English Dictionary)

Explore Your Own Mindset: How many of these statements intrigue you or confirm your beliefs?

1. Innovation cannot take place without risks
     By definition, 'new' is not a known quantity – but it can bring benefits

2. All business involves risk-taking
     The effort put into preparation of the offer takes investment before a return

3. Calculated risks are not random impulses
     A thoughtfully planned approach allows a careful implementation

4. You learn nothing from avoiding risks
     Status quo really means 'left behind' as leaders forge new progress

5. As you learn, you can change direction
     Monitoring output allows you to adjust as you go, exploring even better options

6. You have to want to make things happen
     To venture forth sensibly, you need a vision to provide a potential destination

7. Problems are opportunities for change
     Progress depends on the unreasonable conviction that 'better' is possible

8. Famous inventors, explorers, scientists and artists etc were adventurous
     Almost everyone who we think of as famous took risks of one sort or another

“There are risks and costs to action.
But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”
John F. Kennedy

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