Check Your Client-Attracting Pathway Productivity

Quick Assess-Yourself-Checklist (5 minutes)

All these steps are vital.
One wobbly step is likely to stop potential clients before they feel ready to instruct us.

Please use this list to harness your intuition: where are the weak links?
If there are many, number them in priority order (1 = top priority) to help organise a tune-up.

1. Website/leaflet/advert Performance
Does it attract, filter and guide enough Ideal Clients to the next steps?

2. First Response
Do we succeed in confirming relevance, building trust and encouraging deeperdiscussions?

3. Early Explanations
Do we quickly confirm the match between what clients want and what we provide?

4. Product Offerings
Do we make it easy for lay-people to know which services to ask about?

5. Explaining Prices
Do we actively ensure clients understand the great value-for-money we provide?

6. Offer to Meet
Do we explain our aims of trust-building, discussing details and agreeing a plan?

7. Suitable Ambience
Do we greet potential clients in a reassuring and organised environment?

8. Deciding Assistance
Do we answer all clients' questions if they want reassurances before agreeing?

9. Engagement Process
Does our 'contracting process' make it easy for clients to agree plans and instruct us?

10. Welcoming Process
Do we do everything we can to improve client satisfaction, cooperation and later retention?

11. Easy Payment Options
Do we ensure there are no problems at this end of the relationship?

12. Client Satisfaction
Do we effectively prevent social media rants, and encourage returns/renewals and referrals?

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