COVID Recovery Offer

Availability: 1/9/20 till 30/9/20 – Limited Places

The Reason Why I Make This Offer

On 1/8/20, a LexisNexis Bellwether Report on the COVID-19 and the Legal Industry said:

A paradox emerges from our survey data.

Firms are more pessimistic about their clients’ prospects than their own. There is no path to recovery without a buoyant consumer and commercial market.

Firms need to take a hard look at their sources of revenue before becoming too complacent.” 

"Firms believe COVID-19 to be a greater threat to their clients than themselves."

Where is the work after COVID?

"But, without clients - where is the work?"

I can help with that:

Your Client-Attracting Pathway starts with your website these days.

It is a powerful multi-tasking marketing tool that can help potential clients in many many ways to progress along their journey through the competitive market-place to instruct your firm. So it is the best place to start a 'hard look' review.

“21 Opportunities To Get More Productivity From Your Website”

This is a free Appraisal Report on your firm's current website, not a white paper.

It lists findings in 21 areas of opportunity for technical and psychological improvements in the Client-Attracting message you could benefit from.  It is all written in plain-English and is usually about 4 pages long. It gives you many new ideas - often curiously simple - about how to develop your process to get the results you want.

This is an unpaid commitment of 4 hours or more – I do it for 2 reasons:

  • to help you decide whether it is worth commencing a Development Project
  • and also so I can monitor what firms are doing in the competitive market-place.

Limited Supply

My “2 clients at a time” policy ensures best attention to your Appraisal Reports (and any Development Project).

BUT this means 'first-come-first-served', so you must stake your claim ASAP or risk disappointment.

Extras Included

You can also select any or all of 3 additional free Optional Extra Reports if you wish. These will help you start to tie in your website to other important aspects of your marketing.

  1. LinkedIn Profile Review-and-Recommendations – Optional
  2. Google-My-Business Review-and-Recommendations – Optional
  3. Valuable Signposts Review-and-Recommendations – Optional


  • No-cost, no-risk offer with 5 lifetime goodwill guarantees
  • Lockdowns, “mutant algorithms” and other modern hazards can suddenly overtake us (again!)
  • Even with limited places, this FREE offer is not sustainable - it will be priced soon 
Many professionals are unsure about how to act decisively when business  opportunities arise suddenly. Usually, on average, they hesitate, 'play safe' and down-prioritise acting to discover more about it.
BE ABOVE AVERAGE: Start a first discussion now – with no cost or risk – you can always decline to proceed any further than you want to.

PS - Remember to ask for any of the Optional Extra Reports you want me to include.

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