Marketing For Professionals Is A Specialism

Marketing Is Difficult For Professionals:
Articles exploring why that isand what to do about it

Is This Why Your Website Isn't Attracting The Clients You Want?

Your website is under more scrutiny than ever! And progress is leaving it increasingly out-of-date.
Psychology factors & technical progress increasingly block enquiries from your website. Use Generation 2 methods to encourage potential clients and get more enquiries.

Why Normal Website Marketing Won't Work For Professionals

Many professionals' deeply focussed training takes them further away from marketing than they realise.
In practice, tempted to emulate 'normal' marketing, they may be disappointed because professional's work is more difficult to describe.

Overtake 'Normal Marketing': Small potent shifts in style

Unfortunately, many otherwise up-to-date website design providers focus only on the 'getting attention' step. 
That is only the first of five steps – so you are left to design the other four steps. All the steps must work together for your Client-Attracting Pathway to work at maximum efficiency.

How Every Stepping Stone Helps Your Firm Gain More Clients

Every business has to encourage customers to engage to get to the benefit they want.
Low-effort approaches like 'build it and they will come' only work with startling novelties. Professionals need to manage their 'first-enquiry to loyal-client' Client-Attracting Pathway for best productivity.

Seven Operational Boosts Your Marketing Could Achieve

Marketing can do much more for you than it is usually asked to.
It is usually thought of as simply an interface function: mainly for attracting clients. And that may be its primary function. But the disciplines of marketing can help inside the professional firm too, by working to improve internal processes.

Put Simply: How To Sell Your Professional Value Better

If your product becomes a commodity, purchasers become price-driven and you lose profit. Then you can't afford to provide that quality of service and clients lose out too. So: 1. Build a Value Proposition, 2. Avoid 'Me-To' Messages and 3. Avoid Price-Driven Buyers.

10 Tips To Increase Profits At Your Professional Firm

Small changes in strategically vital places can have huge results!
These strategies aim to slightly change how your usual operations work. Changes of only a few hundredths - in the right place - will increase your profits. And often, once started, they can be easily continued.

5 Ways Solicitors Make Websites Much More Client-Friendly

“People buy from people they like.”
This intuitive truth guides potential customers in their decision to approach you. But for professional services, so much is very unfamiliar to first-time clients, so getting to like solicitors is not an easy journey...
This article explains 5 practical ways to use small psychology secrets to revitalise your message.

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